Sunday, December 7, 2008

Essay 14 Talking about Winter Holiday

As final is coming, winter holiday is coming too. I strongly believe that all students and teaching staff are looking for it because it is a break for we all. We can have more free time to do what we want during this period of time. We can sleep and stay up as long as we want to and don’t need to worry about getting up late for class the next day morning. The winter holiday here is one month, which is different from Chinese. In China, we have about 45 days holiday which is longer and the beginning is at the middle of January. Break time basically depends on the most important festival-Spring Festival. So this winter I’ll do different thing from when I was in China. I used to stay at home with parents and often go shopping but now I am far away from my parents so I’ll be with my friends.

When I was in China, I had many things to do in winter holiday so I enjoyed my break and had a lot of fun. Mostly, I would stay at home for relaxing because I was very tired from study so I had enough time to sleep and watch TV as well as eat snack. Every minute spent at home was enjoyable and pleased to me. Expect staying at home, I was fond of being with my friends, especially my best friend. We often hung out at either her place or mine. We talked to each other without secret. We even slept together sometimes. We also used to go shopping the whole day even bought nothing, we were happy though. To me, the most exciting day was Spring Festival. On those days, every corner was covered by happiness and every member of my family would celebrate this day together. My 45 days of break were full of happiness and I miss the winter holiday I spent in my home country very much.

As I am in America, I can’t do everything I did in China. But I’m sure that I’ll have a nice break here too because I’ll be with my boy friend here and we can do many things to get fun too. Even Mayville is a small town, but I like the quiet here which I couldn’t get in my hometown. I enjoy living in a quiet environment and actually I need serenity to make myself relax sometimes. We also can go to many big cities which not far from Maryville to go shopping and drive around like Kansas City. Even I have been in Maryville for almost one year, I’ve only been to Kansas City for three times. So this winter is a nice chance for me to know KC more. I’m already looking for this winter holiday’s coming!

Even I’m in America now and I will spend my first winter holiday here, I’ll get fun as I did in China for sure. Because both my hometown and America are nice places to me and the most important thing is that the winter holiday is coming!!! ^-^


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